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Paul van Riel

Het dak van het Kabuki theater in de wijk Higashi-Ginza in Tokyo contrasteert danig met de dichtbebouwde omgeving – hoogbouw die voornamelijk is ontstaan tijdens de hoogconjunctuur die eindigde begin negentiger jaren. In Japan worden gebouwen veel frequenter afgebroken, vernieuwd dan hier. Het is goed dat een beschermd monument als dit ( onlangs gerenoveerde en uitgebreide) beroemde theater een visueel aantrekkelijke link blijft naar een roemrucht architectonisch verleden. Waarvan elementen trouwens nog steeds in de hedendaagse bouwkunst blijven terugkeren.

Paul van Riel
Ateliers 2005
Van Weerden Poelmanlaan 4H


Paul van Riel ( Amsterdam, 1948) publishes his first portfolio in 1968. Travels and works extensively in the Americas in late sixties and early seventies. In New York he irregularly works as a trainee-assistant photographer in 1970-1971. At home and abroad shoots jazz concerts and studio recordings for newspapers and music magazines. Joins Dutch professional photographers’ association GKf in 1975. Between 1974 and 1990 photographs over 1.000 Prêt-à-Porter and Haute Couture fashion shows and related events in Paris and Milan for international publications and operates a (fashion) studio in Amsterdam. Travel assignments continue all that time (and up to this moment) for magazines and newspaper supplements, sponsored media, corporate publications. After an eight year stint with Paris based photo agency Gamma, in 1985 he signs up with Black Star (New York) which provides him with regular assignments for Fortune Magazine, BusinessWeek, The New York Times, Wine Spectator. Asian subject matter ( and especially Japanese) dominate Van Riel’s assignment calendar since 1978 and he regularly exhibits his personal projects in Dutch and Japanese galleries and musea ( for details see www.paulvanriel.com). A Pacific – Asia travel promotion body requests his presence (1980-2005) to cover their annual conference, travel mart in a plethora of locations from Bali to Beijing, Los Angeles to Delhi. This enables him to build a vast library of images of exotic cultures in the South Pacific and along the Pacific Rim. Assigments for National Geographic magazine ( Neth/Bel) took him to Japan for a story on Dutch/Japanese diplomatic and cultural relations and Amsterdam, where he immersed himself in the world of classic music, shooting a story about the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra being named ‘Best orchestra in the world’. A number of books were published ( De Maagdenhuisbezetting 69, Amsterdam- City of the Arts, Kimono, Dutch Traces in Japan).

Paul van Riel lives in an Amsterdam suburb where he also operates his photo studio.
Rie Cramerstraat 15, 1183 CP Amstelveen, The Netherlands

Solo exhibitions

2017   The Netherlands – Amstelveen – Museum Jan van der Togt

2017   The Netherlands – Amsterdam – Galerie Gaudium

2016   The Netherlands – Amstelveen – Kunstuitleen

2015 The Netherlands –  Amsterdam – Bimhuis
          Amstelveen – Kunstuitleen – Cobra Museum of Modern Art
2014 The Netherlands- Amstelveen Triënnale, K2G Gallery
2012 The Netherlands –  Amstelveen, Jan van der Togt Museum
2011 The Netherlands, Amstelveen, SBK.
Amsterdam – Hajenius.
Amsterdam – OBA  ( public library, main branch)
2010 The Netherlands, Amstelveen, SBK.
Hoorn – Kunstuitleen.
2009 Japan, Tokyo – Nikon Salon Shinjuku.
The Netherlands, Amstelveen – Van der Togt Museum.
Amsterdam Historic Museum.
2008 The Netherlands, Leiden – SieboldHuis.
Amsterdam – Muziekgebouw.
2006 The Netherlands, Helmond – De Ned. Cacaofabriek.
2005 The Netherlands, Amstelveen – Canvas International.
Belgium, Flobecq – Résidence d’Artistes.
Tournai – Galerie Balthazart.
2003 France, Paris – Paris Photo.
The Netherlands, Leiden – Natl. Museum of Ethnology.
2002 The Netherlands, Amsterdam – ABN Gallery.
2001 The Netherlands, Leiden – Natl. Museum of Ethnology.
2000 The Netherlands, Amsterdam – Pulitzers Gallery.
Leiden – SieboldHuis
Japan, Tokyo – Royal Dutch Embassy
Tokyo – Hotel Okura
1998 The Netherlands, Schiphol Airport – Schipholscoop
1997 The Netherlands, Amstelveen – Van der Togt Museum
1990 he Netherlands, Utrecht – RASA Gallery
1988 Amsterdam, Hollandse Hoogte Gallery
1986 The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Beurs Berlage
1985 The Netherlands, The Hague, Municipal Museum
1980 The Netherlands, Amsterdam – ABN Gallery

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Paul van Riel, Culture clash(Kabukiza), Fotografie, 46x70cm

“Culture clash” (Kabukiza), Fotografie, 46x70cm

Paul van Riel, Facade (Tokyo), Fotografie, 30x40cm

“Facade” (Tokyo), Fotografie, 30x40cm

Paul van Riel, Fan (Tokyo), Fotografie, 28x40cm

Fan” (Tokyo), Fotografie, 28x40cm

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